Skill Type

"Passive" skills are activated by chances. Usually, lower possibility skills are highly effective.

"Active" skills can be used by your choice. They activates by your cleared notes.

"Start" skill activates by chance on start-up. The skills last by the end of the game.

Attack Skills

Skill name Type
Melody of Pain Passive
Attack Preparation Start
??? ???
Song of Hero Passive(U)
Knight of Harp Passive(U)
Lunatic Passive(U)
Aida Passive(U)

Heal SkillsEdit

Skill name Type
Aria of Recovery Passive
Tune of Recovery Active
??? ???
??? ???
Aria of Light Passive(U)
Aria of Purification Active(U)

Defence SkillsEdit

Skill name Type
Music Shield Passive
Music of Protection Active(U)
Protection of Kingdom Passive(U)
Surprise Symphony Passive(U)

Other SkillsEdit

Skill name Type
Lullaby Start
Party Time Start
Porter Active
Passionate Player Start
Mediator Start(U)
Brillante Start(U)
Saltato Start(U)
Tempo of Hunt Active(U)

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