Here are some of the basic elements of the game.


Rhythmic BattleEdit

SOH's battle requires your rhythmic skills.

We have to fight monsters with your own band of heroes.

Here are some basics for the battle.

Defense : Defense Notes by touching the monster's attack.

Perfect, Good - No Damage

Oops, Miss - Damage from monsters.

(You can decrease the monster damage using higher defense ability heroes.)

Note fever

Fever : Attack the monster during a fever mode.

Perfect - High Damage

Icon fever
     Good - Normal Damage

   Oops - Poor Damage

('Attack' skill type heroes can attack monsters without fever modes.)

Note angry
Angry : Monsters can be angry if certain time passed or certain attacks given.

When a monster is angry, speed and damage of the monster increases.

Icon angry
          (Heroes with 'debuff' skills can decrease monsters' angry level.)


Each hero and monster have their own type of playing instruments.

Usually, elements of heroes are determined by the instruments.

String Type : String type musical instruments have 'fire' type attacks. This type is

Wind Type : Wind type musical instruments have 'leaf' type attacks.

Percussion Type : Percussion type musical instruments have 'water' type attacks.

String Percussion Wind
Btn element fire
Btn element water
Btn element leaf

Hero AbilitiesEdit

All the heroes have their own basic abilities.

ATK - Higher Attack ability inflicts greater damage to monsters.

HP  - Higher HP ability can let you endure more monster damage.

DEF - Higher Defense ability can protect you more from monster damage.

   (The Defense doesn't increase by hero levels. It usually determined by grades and elements.)

Hero UpgradeEdit

Heroes can be upgraded to higher levels.

Base Experience Points

C  grade : 200 exp

R  grade : 500 exp

SR grade : 1000 exp

E  grade : 2000 exp

L  grade : ??

Pixies of Music have greater experience points than others

C : 1000

R : 2000

SR : 3000

E : ??

Hero EvolveEdit

When a hero reached max level, the hero can be evolved to higher level. The evolve requires gold and items. With enough golds and items, base grade heroes can be evolved to +1, +2 grades or a higher grade. When evolving to same grades, the hero level is preserved. However, when the hero change into a higher grade, the level of the hero will be initialized. Max evolve step can be vary by heroes.